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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are you located and what are your store hours?

A: I work out of my house in Stuart, FL. For that reason, my hours are by appointment only and include some weekends (generally every other). 


Q: Do you sell Yetis or other brands of tumblers?

A: While I do not sell the Yeti brand of tumbler, they can be purchased separately and brought to me or shipped to me for customization. This goes for most of the other brands as well. I do carry an assortment of Polar Camel Tumblers in stock. Please contact me with questions regarding inventory. 


Q: Are you able to etch the color coated tumblers?
A: Most of the color coated tumblers turn out beautiful. The laser essentially vaporizes the paint in the design area to reveal the underlying stainless steel color. The Yeti, RTIC, Polar Camel, and Ozark Trail are all great. Some of the other brands use a different paint process that may be more susceptible to chipping or color fading or color dulling. 

Q: Are you able to etch plain silver stainless steel tumblers?
A: Unfortunately, I am no longer able to process plain silver tumblers. The infrequency of which I run plain tumblers does not justify the cost of the marking material that has a short shelf duration.


Q: What types of designs are you able to do?

A: The majority of the graphics I design are influenced by my coastal lifestyle. I have a growing collection of local gamefish, tropical flowers, a myriad of sea life and coastal living graphics as well as an eclectic mix of medical, sports and recreation designs. I am also able to personalize the tumblers with names, initials, monograms or corporate logos. (for logos please read the section on artwork requirements) 

Q: Are you able to etch the <enter favorite sports team or college> logo on my cup?

A: I do not have the licensing required to reproduce these types of copyrighted/trademarked graphics. 

Q: Are you able to etch an image I found on a website?

A: Graphics found through internet searches are protected by copyright laws and it is unlawful to use those graphics in my work unless licensed to do so. 

Q: I drew a picture, can you etch it?

A: If it is a black and white drawing, it may be possible to reproduce it for laser marking with some configuring. Due to the extra time involved in converting these types of graphics, pricing starts at $25 and may be more depending on the complexity of the graphic. Pricing will be discussed after reviewing the graphic.  

Q: Can a photo be etched?

A: High quality images can be etched onto color coated tumblers. Navy, white and black coated tumblers produce the best results. Photos take longer to process for engraving and are thus more expensive. Some images will need to be inverted so color rendering is true. Engraving photos starts at $30.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Etchings start at $20 for a basic graphic or name and start at $22 for a basic graphic and name combined on a single surface of the cup. For more information on pricing, please visit: PRICING AND DISCOUNTS