Right: Sandblasting produces matte gray finish.

24+ units

laser marked, same graphic, one side 


1-23 units

laser marked, same graphic, two sides



Etching a basic graphic from Native Nut Meg's collection starts at $15 and a basic graphic with a name on the same side/surface of the tumbler starts at $20. A single graphic with a name on the opposite side is $22. Prices will vary depending on the complexity of the design and/or text, graphic placement and a single-sided/single surface vs two-sided design. Additional fees apply for custom or conversion work and are evaluated on a case by case/quantity basis. Prices DO NOT include the tumblers. Tumblers must be purchased separately and can be brought to me or shipped directly to me for customization. Taxes and shipping are not included in quoted prices.

Reduced pricing is available for laser orders where the same graphic will be run on multiple tumblers. Discounts are only available for laser work and not sandblasted work. No other discounts are available.  

Left: Laser marking produces high contrasting dark mark.

1-11 units

laser marked, same graphic, one side 


 Copyright laws protect my work as well as the work of others. 

There are a variety of stainless tumblers on the market that work exceptionally well at keeping hot drinks hot and icy drinks cold. Yeti is one of the top brands at the top price but there are many others that work just as well at a fraction of the cost. When you find yourself among a group of people who share your affinity for their stainless tumblers it's nice to be able differentiate your cup from theirs. Native Nut Meg is able to personalize plain stainless or color coated tumblers.On plain stainless, the image will be close to black while the design on the color coated tumblers will be silver. 

Personalize your stainless steel tumbler with a name and/or a design that is reflective of you. These also make great gifts for friends, family, clients and wedding parties. Most of the images in the links below feature designs from Native Nut Meg's custom graphics collection. This is a sampling of my work and not an exhaustive catalog. Looking to customize a tumbler with a corporate logo? See the Artwork Requirements section below.

24+ units

laser marked, same graphic, two sides 



12-23 units

laser marked, same graphic, one side 


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If you are interested in customizing a stainless tumbler with a logo or other artwork, please send a single color vector file in either .crd, .ai, .eps or .pdf format to NativeNutMeg@bellsouth.net. If you do not have access to these formats, it may be possible to convert a high resolution file. Additional fees apply for custom or conversion work. You must have authorization to utilize the artwork you provide to Native Nut Meg.​ Please note: Sports team and collegiate graphics and graphics found through general web searches are protected by copyright laws prohibiting any form of replication without consent or licensing and are off limits for the scope of my work.