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Special Requests -

Priced per order

Guitar - $26

Take me out to the Ballgame - $24

Tennis Racquet - $24

Sunset on the IRL- $32

Sunset on the Lake - $28

Green Octopus - $32

Blue Seastar - $24

Seaside Collection (set of 2) - $50

Nautilus - $28

Sanddollar - $28

Mahi Skeleton - $32

Palm Trees - $32

Set of 2 Mermaids with choice of hair & tail color - $40

Mermaid - $22

Mermaid - $22

Royal Poinciana - $32

Palm Trees - $32

Sunflower - $25

Hibiscus - $32

Frangipani - $25


In time a cohesive collection of marinelife will be created but for now, here are a few examples. Glasses are priced individually. $37/manatee, $28/turtle hatchling, $35/snook in mangroves.


In time a collection of birds will be created but for now, here a few examples. Glasses are priced individually.  $28/flamingo ($50 for set of 2), $28/roseate spoonbill, $32/great horned owl.

Jellyfish Collection

Set includes a man-o-war, cassiopea, moon jelly & marmalade jelly. $100 for the collection, $50 for a set of 2 or $28 per individual glass.

Purchase glasses separately or order the entire collection. Each painting is multi-layered to create a dual sided image so when viewed from the inside, it closely resembles the outside. Glasses can be customized with color preferences and personalized with names. Glassware includes red or white wine glasses (stemmed or stemless), beer glasses, pint glasses, etc.  All glasses are baked in the oven to cure the paint which makes them more durable over time. Hand washing your painted glassware is recommended.  

Glass blocks with or without lights

To order your glasses, contact Meg Roberts at NativeNutMeg.

For the Love of Painting

Several additional sets are being created and will include a woodlands, lake and mermaid collection. Custom orders are also available. Please send me your request for a quote.

Offshore Gamefish Collection

Set includes a dolphin (mahi mahi), sailfish, wahoo and yellowfin tuna. $120 for the collection, $65 for a set of 2 or $35 per individual glass.

Painted Glassware

Coastal Collection

Set includes a sea turtle, an octopus, a blue crab and a seahorse. $110 for the collection, $60 for a set of 2 or $32 per individual glass.