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In addition to marking stainless steel tumblers, a CO2 laser is able to cut and engrave wood. Here you'll find many of the projects I been asked create. Much of this work is on client provided items like the cutting boards, serving trays and shallow bowls. The remainder of the projects are generally run on 1/4 inch plywood sourced from the local hardware store. Wood is an amazing substrate to work with but there is also a good deal of variability between pieces. No two pieces will be exactly alike in color, grain, texture or depth of engraving. As wood is a porous material it may be susceptible to changes in temperature and humidity and the potential exists for your beloved piece to crack and or warp when subjected to the elements. Cutting boards and serving trays should be maintained with mineral oil to prevent damage and home decor can be sealed with polyurethane or sparurethane to ensure a longer life to your treasure.