Ornament Painting Parties are booked in November & December. Each guest will have the opportunity to paint 2-4 ornaments depending

  on allotted time.

Bringing the Party to You!

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For more information on booking a party, please e-mail Megan@NativeNutMeg.com


Party Tips

Planning a Successful Party

Location: It is important the location is easily accessible for all guests. Provide your address to your guests and consider printing out a map for those guests who are not familiar with mapquest and map apps.  

Space: ​You will need table space and seating for all participants. Make sure there is enough room for everyone to spread out. Generally, each person will need the space of 1 place setting.  If you need an extra table or chairs, be sure to note that when booking your party.

Food: No party is complete without food and drink. Consider having appetizers available or create a pot-luck style event where everyone is responsible for bringing a dish or drink to share.

Time: Everyone will work at their own pace. Some will be quicker than others and no two paintings will be exactly alike. You should allocate about 2 hours for the painting portion of your party. If you would like to socialize prior to the party with food and drinks, please plan your times accordingly. Generally, guests can complete a single painting including instruction time in 1-2 hours. Plan for me to be on-site for 3 hours. I will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the painting portion of the party for set-up and will need 30 minutes for break-down. During that 30 minutes of break-down, guests requiring additional time can continue to finish up their painting.

No Painting Experience, No Problem! First and foremost, this is supposed to be a fun and relaxing evening among friends. Everyone will have an opportunity to paint whatever it is they desire while having some realistic expectations. That being said, most people are surprised at how well their glasses turn out. I have a number of resources including some "stencil" options of my most popular designs. Design ideas can also be pulled from the web, Pinterest, Etsy etc. It's best to print these ideas and bring them to the party to use for reference. If wanting to use the design as a template, print the image at the approximate size of a standard wine or pint glass.  

Party Host Responsibilities:

As the party host, you earn your free glass painting session by helping to make the evening go as smoothly as possible. It is your job to:

  • Set the time, date and location with me
  • Recruit the minimum number of guests - 8 paid guests plus the host for 9 guests total with a maximum of 12
  • Forward your party confirmation e-mail to your guests - this helps to answer questions and concerns 
  • Confirm glass type preferences with me at least 1 week in advance if selecting PARTY OPTION A
  • Guests can prepay using Zelle or Venmo or cash the day of the party
  • Arrange for food and drinks - as previously mentioned, it's nice when everyone shares this responsibility 

Curing the Glasses: All painted glassware will need to be cured in a standard kitchen oven before they are used. Baking "curing" the glasses hardens the paint to make it more durable for regular use. 
Baking Instructions:

  • Place your glasses directly on the rack in a cold oven  
  • Set your temperature to 350 degrees
  • Set your timer to for 30 minutes - this 30 minutes will include that pre-heat time
  • When the timer dings, turn the oven off and crack the door.  Allow the glass to cool slowly and completely before removing from the oven. 
  • Hand wash and enjoy!

Glass painting parties are a great way to spend time with friends and family and can be an effective team building opportunity for companies and their employees. Gather up a group and enjoy an afternoon or evening where creative juices will flow and every guest will take home their own functional piece of art. Choose from 2 party options:

Party Option A$30 per person

All the paint supplies AND glassware is included. Choice of glassware includes a single stemmed or stemless wine glass or pint glass. If you prefer other types of glassware, please make arrangements with me at least 1 week prior to your event.

Party Option B- $25 per person

Bring Your Own Glass - All the paint supplies are included but guests will bring a glass of their choosing (wine, martini, margarita, rocks etc.) This is a great option for so many of us who have an odd numbered set because of a broken glass or two.